Boat facts

Leidi 660 is a family cruiser for several days lasting sailing. Due to its speed and functionality it is also suitable for one-day trips or fishing trips. The boat received a special award and was nominated a Croatian Boat of the Year 2016.

Name: Value:
Built year 2017
Length LOA 7,2 m
Width 2,5 m
Engine 150 bhp Suzuki
Consumption cca. 1.1-1.5 l/NM cruising speed (20 knt)
Fresh water 100 l
Fuel tank 143 l

Leidi 660 has room for three adults or a family with two small children. The stern and saloon are on the same floor level, so that they can, with open doors, become one space.


Leidi 660 will provide maximum comfort on open sea or anchorage, and will make the owner proud in every aspect. Maximum utilization of the hull creates space below decks that can be compared with the much longer vessels, and the traditional commitment of the Leidi shipyard to all details, and final touches are a guarantee that Leidi 600 boat will become a leader in this class of vessels.


Everything you need

The design follows the guidelines set in the larger model, Leidi 800, with retro style colored hull, roof and integrated solar panels. The maximum dimensions of side windows allow an abundance of light and greeater enjoyment on the sea, while single windshield glass, same as we have on bigger model (leidi 800) increases visibility and safety of the boat. Also on this model we have four frontal cabin windows (most in the class) providing more daylight and translucence.